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Erie Draglines is currently operating Liebherr HS 8100 HD machines with 100 tonne load capacity. 


With our highly skilled operators and the latest in high tech equipment we are able to operate at a high load volume per hour.


Erie Draglines (EDL) evolved into operation in 2005 but its Founder, Terrie Cox, has over 50 years of experience in Construction, Mining, Underwater Marine Work and Dredging.  Terrie is a pioneer of winter road preparation and maintenance in the far north and underwater excavating & pipelines.  He has won awards for his ingenuity and was responsible for creating the initial infrastructures to many villages throughout Northern Ontario, the Arctic, third world countries and islands.

In 2018, Terrie Cox and Tyson VanLeeuwen of East Elgin Concrete Forming Limited (EECF) joined forces in order to offer clients their combined experience in concrete, construction, risk management, leading edge equipment, highly skilled and experienced operators, competitive pricing and most important efficient productivity. Erie Draglines now services all of Ontario.

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